domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010

10 Middle Eastern cyberactivists to follow on Twitter

This is my first post in English on this blog. The first of many, I hope. From now on I´ll be mainly writing in English here and will be publishing in Spanish on a new blog, Alianzas, within Periodismo Humano, a great project based on free-software that believes in an independent approach to journalism through social media. And guess what, its founder is Javier Bauluz, the only Spanish winner of a Pulitzer Prize. Stay updated :)

I´d like to start this new period by recommending a list of 10 Middle Eastern cyberactivists who have made a difference through their fight for peace and justice in the Middle East using social media. I met them all through Twitter, which I consider the most useful tool for online activism. They´re all really worth following:

1. Ali Abunimah: Co-founder of the Electronic Intifada, a not-for-profit, independent publication which provides a supplement to mainstream commercial media representations of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
2. Sami Ben Gharbia: Tunisian blogger, co-founder of, a Tunisian collective blog about news and politics and Advocacy Director at Global Voices.
3. Israelis for Palestine: Community that offers a space for critical voices from inside Israel that are rarely reported by mainstream media.
4. Layla Al-Haddad: Palestinian journalist and media activist known as Gaza Mom, probably the best-known Palestinian female cyberactivist.
5. Mid East Youth: Student-owned independent network that promotes constructive dialogue between Arabs, Iranians, Kurds and Israelis for understanding within the Middle East and North Africa.
6. Mondoweiss: Community devoted to covering American foreign policy in the Middle East from a progressive Jewish perspective.
7. Nadine Moawad: Lebanese human rights activist who talks about the Internet in Lebanon from a gender perspective.
8. Nasser Weddady: Mauritanian refugee in the US and Outreach Director of the American Islamic Congress. Focused on civil rights in the Mideast and North Africa
9. Razan Ghazzaoui: Syrian blogger who talks about political issues, queerness and human rights abuses in Syria.
10. Wael Abbas: Well-known Egyptian blogger who has faced constant harassment for his opposition to the country´s repressive regime. A new sentence has just been issued against him in a fabricated case on which he was already acquitted.

There are so many more but I can´t mention them all on one post. I hope you enjoy their posts as much as I do.

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Laila dijo...

Genial Leila. Estaré muy atenta a periodismo humano que tiene muy muy buena pinta. Y también estoy pensando en meterme a twitter pero no sé exactamente como va.

Me parece tambien muy buena idea que escribas en ingles, porque a parte de que te podrá leer mas gente, me vendrá muy bien a mí para que no se me olvide. Sigue así Leila Nachawati!